Information and Resources

Here you will find important information and resources to help you settle into the neighborhood (if you’re new – welcome!), learn more about our beautiful community and share important documents and contacts with one another.

Miami Beach Government website

Miami Beach Commissioners:
Kristen Rosen Gonzalez:
Laura Dominguez:
Alex Fernandez:
Steven Meiner:
Ricky Arriola:
David Richardson:

HomeOwner Association Meetings & By-Laws:

General Community Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of each month @630pm – Zoom LINK

Zoning, Historic Designation and Sea Level: 4th Wednesday of the month @630pm – Zoom LINK

Beautification and safety: 1st Wednesday of the month @630pm – Zoom LINK


Infrastructure: Zoning, Historic Designation & Sea Level
Zoning Map: CLICK HERE
Historic designation report: CLICK HERE
Neighborhood Land Use & Sustainability Report: CLICK HERE

Trusted Vendors – Contractors, Service Providers:


Historic Hedge Information: CLICK HERE
Resolutions: CLICK HERE